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About Us


Flight Check is a company started to assist those with their fear of flying.

The dread and anticipated anxiety of flying in an aircraft often stops passengers from making use of air travel as a means of transport. For many, an intense fear creates the belief that the flight staff and pilot will be unable to deal adequately if at all to ensure passengers’ personal safety.

Flight Check and workshops related to flying safely is run by a qualified pilot and instructor, and a psychologist. Both are highly experienced with the human factor, in threatening circumstances.

Now we will introduce you the the Flight Check Team, Dr. Robert Gobac and Roleen Kaplan.

Robert Gobac

Dr. Robert Gobac

Robert is a qualified Medical Doctor and Chief Flying Instructor at the Witwatersrand University Flying School in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been flying for the past 10 years, holds a South African Commercial Pilot License and is a qualified flying instructor. Amongst others,

Robert takes particular interest in the human factor in aviation and related safety. He is the co-owner and CEO of the AFOS Charters Company that provides passenger and cargo transportation throughout Africa.

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Roleen Kaplan

Roleen is a registered Research Psychologist with specialisation in the mind in sport. She has mentored many athletes across the board in overcoming mental barriers and has assisted a number of South African sporting personalities to reach national and international status.

As a conference speaker, she empowers people across South Africa through her talks, and is an active and adept facilitator of integrated business, health, sport and competitive behaviours. Roleen uses the highly integrated ecosystems approach as the foundation and philosophy of her own behavioural skills and performance solutions company, Huxley Consulting, which has been operational for six years.

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